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Travel Scarf

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Why settle for a bulky, obnoxious travel pillow that only gets in the way of other passengers? Don’t be embarrassed by the traditional pillows that only cause stiff necks and aching backs. Meet the newest and most innovative Travel Scarf, by the Travel Planners. The Travel Scarf is compact, light, and versatile.

✔ Great posture.

Don’t worry about stiff joints and muscles after waking up using a traditional travel pillow when you use the Travel Scarf. This scarf holds your neck in an upright “ergonomic” position to guarantee safe sleep while on the go.

✔ It’s fit for everyone.

No matter the size or shape of your jaw or neck, the Travel Scarf is the perfect fit for you. Don’t ever worry about sizing complications. With the one-size-fits-all Travel Scarf, you’re always ready for a great nap!

✔ Can be used everywhere.

✔ It’s super small.

The Travel Scarf is half the size of a traditional travel pillow. The scarf weighs only 148 grams making it the perfect travel buddy.


✔ Easy to put on.

Okay, but hey! Why do I need this?

Well, your limited space and packing room should not mean the end of your sleep—even while on the go. Keep your chin (and neck!) high with a Travel Scarf that guarantees great quality and excellent design that you’ll love every time.

These scarves are made of soft fleece with a plastic rib insert that ensures your safety and comfort throughout your trip. The Travel Scarf may be ordered in three colors: luxury black, subtle red, or light  grey.

Choose the travel companion that’s perfect for you. Never again worry about the struggles of sleeping while travelling with this luxurious scarf! Sleep smarter with the Travel Scarf.

The soft fleece stretches to accommodate any size jaw and shoulder! Combined with the plastic reinforcement it gives you an awesome sleep on those long travel journeys without clogging up your travel bag.

Common Questions Answered

  • Material is made from super soft fleece and a plastic rib insert for support.
  • It packs super small and weighs under half a pound, making it the ultimate travel companion.
  • This can be washed at a 30° cool wash (we recommend you remove the plastic insert).
  • Due to high demand of our product and remote area, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

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Discount Code Available at Checkout! Expiring soon!

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